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The Beth Cross Centre of Dance and Voice is dedicated to bringing the fun and challenge of dance and voice to the Memphis area. At Beth Cross we pride ourselves in creating a loving culture of family, friends, and inclusion. We offer a wide range of dance and voice classes for social and competitive levels of all ages. At Beth Cross, we provide hands-on training that will equip you, or your child with the skills needed for life in the arts!

Beth Cross Babb

Owner, Lead Dance Teacher
Head of the Dance Department

Lauren Lammey

Dance Department Faculty

Karrie Matthews

Vocal Department Faculty

Amber Milligan

Dance Department Faculty

Madison McGhee

Dance Department Faculty

Toby Davis

Vocal Department Faculty

Tori Reeves

Vocal Department Faculty

Dylan Jackson

Gymnastics Department Faculty

Ivy Wetherill

Dance Department Faculty

Katie McIntyre

Dance Department Faculty

Brennley Blaylock

Dance Department Faculty

Beth Cross Centre of Dance and Voice



7731 Highway 70 #204            8561 Highway 64

Bartlett, TN 38133                     Oakland, TN 38060

Phone: 901.388.7677

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